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Africahackon is East Africa’s premier technical computer security collective which brings together the individual talents of the best and brightest security professionals in the region, through live presentations, engaging discussions and hands on demonstrations. We are connoisseurs in a full range of defensive and offensive security topics are well versed in the theoretical aspect of cyber security and masters on the practical and tactical angle of the art.


AfricaHackOn Conference program.



Chrispus Kamau

Conference Speaker

He has interests in radio frequency, network security, mobile device security and electronics.

His work revolves around finding creative solutions to challenging puzzles.

Every now and then he shares his adventures on his blog at


Isn’t that the only way to curate a life? To live among things that make you gasp with delight?

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Claire Lauterbach

Conference Speaker

Claire Lauterbach leads the Research and Investigation Team at Privacy International. Privacy International (PI) is a non-governmental organisation based in London with partners in twenty countries. PI researches how surveillance and data technologies interact with peoples’ right to privacy and other human rights. PI also litigates to ensure that surveillance is consistent with the rule of law. We advocate for strong national, regional, and international laws that protect privacy and conduct research to catalyze policy change.

Prior to joining PI, Claire worked as an investigative researcher with organizations including Human Rights Watch and Grain Media.

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Jim Wanyans

Information Security Consultant

Jimmy Wayans is a technology visionary and computer security specialist who thrives on solving complex cyber security problems in today’s technological world. He is focused on Security Strategies, Security Evaluation, Information Forensics, Cyber Security and Analytics, Architectures and Policies supporting business and governments in their approach to managing information security risk. On these topics, he has presented at numerous conferences and has been interviewed by BBC Africa on the state of Cyber Threats in Africa.

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George Wahome

Conference Speaker

George is a dedicated & pragmatic cyber risk consultant with PwC, a leading professional services organization. Passionate about creating a positive difference in the information security space in the region through client advisory to ensure proactive approaches are in-place to mitigate against cyber threats.

George has skills are in ethical hacking, end-point security, enterprise-wide security and VoIP with a bias on network security. Past-time interests include motor sports, swimming and travels.


Gabriel Mathenge

Conference Speaker

Gabriel is a security enthusiast and a cybersecurity consultant for Ernst and Young’s Technology Risk Assurance team. His primary focus is on penetration testing and red team assessments. He enjoys researching new technologies and experimenting with various security tools. Gabriel also has experience in providing security training for both corporate and academic institutions. He is passionate about spreading cybersecurity awareness across the region and building local security talent.

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Peter Ouma

Conference Speaker

Considers himself an Artist by talent, an Architect by training and an Information Security Analyst by passion. His life revolves around the trio of graphite drawings, architectural design and cyber security. He is research-oriented, a bit of a perfectionist and curious about ideas from other disciplines. He has previously worked as a Graduate Architect at Urban Savannah Design Studios, and as a Web Security consultant for FocWeb Technologies Ltd. Currently an Information Security Analyst at TESPOK, he is mainly involved in Network Security Monitoring, Computer Incidence Response, Network Security testing and Malware Analysis.

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