Monthly Archives - February 2017

State of Kenyan mobile banking app security

This blog post focuses on the state of the mobile banking app security. The scope was the 20 banks in Kenya that offer mobile banking services via a mobile app, more specifically an android app. In case you don’t want to read through this whole blog to identify what we have uncovered from our independent analysis, here’s a quick summary for you. TL;DR:  90℅ of Kenyan mobile banking apps are very insecure, they don’t follow mobile app development and mobile payment [...]

Achari – Converting KeepNotes to PDF and PNG

KeepNote is a note taking application that allows you to take notes quickly and efficiently. Keep Note is quite popular in the infosec community, more so given that it’s the recommended note taking application for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification. In case you are not familiar with OSCP, it’s basically a completely hands-on offensive information security certification. It’s highly coveted by infosec professionals and usually denoted as a sign for advanced penetration testing skill and insight. Given that i had never used [...]